About Us

aboutus_1 We are Jamie and Chris (get it, JAC).  We love photography, that kind of goes without saying but here are a few things you might not know about us:

* We’ve been in business for 9 years and have photographed assignments as close to home as Pasadena and as far away as Australia and Italy!

* We shoot film cameras  and digital cameras with pro lenses that are full of buttery goodness. Learn more about why we shoot film here.

* Together we have photographed over 100 weddings in all manner of weather and light, and we’ve enjoyed every one of them!

* Chris was born in Australia, sadly he lost his accent, but not his love of vegemite.

*Chris’ nickname in high school was “peanut’ due to his diminutive size.  Now he’s 6’2” so go figure.

* Jamie loves chocolate.

* First official date: Prom.  We go way back.

* Married at 22.

* Despite appearances, we really are the same age.

* No pets, but four kids.  Yup, four of them.  It can be overwhelming at time, nay, exhausting, but we love them and thank God for them everyday.

* We love traveling, next door or across the world, we’re based in the sleepy little town of South Pasadena, CA.  For more information on booking us to shoot your wedding or portraits visit our website or contact us via email at info@jacshoot.com

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